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2023 Appointments




As Advised: this means ongoing events, such as sectional rehearsals, which are according to sections/sectional heads


?: this means the specific dates are to be confirmed, however the specified information will be when it will happen. So ? May ?  Would mean the day and date are tbc, but it will happen in May. Or  Monday May ? Would mean that something will happen on a Monday in May, but the  specific Monday is to be confirmed, ? ? 21 would mean that something happens on every 21st of the month and the day and month would need to be confirmed. 







As Advised: Sectional Rehearsals 


Sunday May 21 (1.30p.m.) : FULL IN PERSON REHEARSAL WITH KEN


Sabbath June 3 (All Day) : FULL CONCERT | BRISTOL 


? May?  ?June ? (?) : RECORDING & FILMING: Journeys


Thursday 22 June (Evening) : NHS Day Windrush


Sabbath July 15 (All Day) : London Area Advisory Council Day Of Fellowship - Performance of Journeys


Sabbath July 29 (All Day): SEC CAMP MEETING - Hays Wood, Norfolk


Saturday November 11 (Evening, travel from afternoon) : CONCERT : Tenterden


Saturday December 2 (All Day) CONCERT: Clonter Opera Theatre



  • Tues Dec 5: joint evening/piano rehearsal with LAC and the BBCSC (time and venue to be precised)

  • Wed Dec 6: tutti rehearsals (ie orchestra, choirs, rhythm section, vocal soloists) - 2 x 3 hours (times and rehearsal venue to be precised)

  • Thurs Dec 7: general rehearsal – tutti. 14:30-17:30 (time TBC)

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